Prayer Quiz

Discover the area of your business that will most benefit from strategic prayer by providing a quick rating to the 31 short questions below.

When I’m tempted to worry about my inadequacies, I quickly ask God to provide grace for each and every gap.
I have a strategic plan for my business.
I am bold and willing to step out in faith even when I don’t see the way.
I have a small circle of people in my life that I am deeply investing in.
As appropriate, I let others see my weaknesses so they can better see God’s strength.
I live out the truth that treating others with love is more important than getting the temporary results I want.
I don’t worry that I’m not enough for this endeavor because I know that God is.
To the best of my ability, I do what I feel God is calling me to do even when it’s outside of my comfort zone.
I don’t let the opinions others have of me slow me down.
My joy is based on God’s constant presence and not my changing circumstances.
I am willing to humbly share with others how I can help them instead of playing it safe and hiding in the back.
When the needs of others and of my business threaten to drain me, I pray for awareness of God’s never-ending supply of love.
I am committed to persevering in this business no matter what, or until God tells me to stop.
Instead of choosing my path and asking God to bless it, I wait to see where God is leading and then I follow Him.
I am consciously aware of God’s presence and active partnership with me throughout the day.
I fight distraction by asking for God’s help to stay focused.
I invite others to give me honest feedback about my life.
Even if my resources seem scarce, I am generous with others.
I am unhurried as I go through the day and fully present when I’m with others.
I don’t allow apparent failure to discourage me or stop me because I know that God can use even that.
I am excited about and working towards making my business as profitable as possible.
I know that God’s glory can shine through me whether this business is ever wildly successful in the world’s eyes or not.
I rely on God’s power to accomplish things instead of self-sourcing.
While I work hard for my personal and business goals, my dearest treasure is God.
In the small and large things, I keep my promises to others.

At each new turning point in my working day, I quickly lift that conversation, decision or activity up to God in prayer.

Understanding that discipline is a fruit of Spirit, with God’s help I am exercising more discipline each day.
I ask God to open doors for me that I could never open on my own.
When worrisome things occur, I quickly pray about it, confidently thank God in advance for His answer, and appropriate His peace.
God’s Word is the primary operating manual for my business.
I actively rely on the power of prayer every day.

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