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This year, you can build a better business a better way. Join me for the next 31 Day Prayer Challenge and we’ll equip you to fully partner with God, your CEO.

Get short, daily, strategic prayer points designed around the way God is already working on what He has promised to provide, and watch how He’s working with you and for you every single day.


Beginning with the inside and working out, the 31 Day Prayer Challenge will help you pray for…







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Where does the 31 Day Prayer Challenge take place?

The daily videos, prayer prompts, and opportunities to interact all take place in our private 31 Day Prayer Challenge Facebook group.

*Not on Facebook? No worries, I’ve created a program where you can access all of the videos and get some great bonuses as well. Click here to learn more.

How do I join the 31 Day Prayer Challenge Facebook Group?
Once you sign-up for the Challenge, you will be sent instructions on how to join our Facebook Group.

*Not on Facebook? No worries, I’ve created a program where you can access all of the videos and get some great bonuses as well. Click here to learn more.

Do I need to purchase a book to join the 31 Day Prayer Challenge?

No. While the book will provide you daily, inspirational readings and Biblical promises, you do not need to purchase a book to join. However, if you would like to purchase a book, you can do that on Amazon or any of the larger online retailers.

Where can I learn more about The Prayer Powered Program?

The low-cost, on-demand Prayer Powered Program give you lifetime access to ALL the videos, devotionals, successful entrepreneur interview, Prayer & the Enneagram training and more. You can opt to have these delivered straight in your inbox each morning, or use the resources at your leisure on our private membership site. Learn more about The Prayer Powered Program here.

How can I participate in a live Prayer Powered Mastermind Group?

Learning, growing, and praying with other Christ-centered entrepreneurs is life-giving. Learn more about those mastermind groups and how you can become a Licensed Prayer Powered Mastermind Facilitator here.

What Other 31 Day Prayer Participants Are Saying

Aligned with God’s purpose
I have been in business for myself for 10 years now, and I have never felt as closely aligned with God’s purpose for me as an entrepreneur as I have during this 31 Day Challenge.

Hearing God Speak
God brought this challenge to me in a year where I was avoiding Him emotionally. I am hearing Him talk to me now.

Confirmed and Affirmed in God’s Calling
A strong doubt that I had before these 31 days of challenge, is that maybe being an entrepreneur was not in God’s plan for me, but during this journey together everything changed. I really decided to give many hours of each day to be immersed in the word of God and He has definitely confirmed and affirmed that my entrepreneurial spirit is too important within the purpose that He has for me.

New Client
I received a call from a new client who signed on for coaching! Yesssss…..Jesus! Thank you! God is so faithful and provides at just the right moment!

The Golden Thread
The journey through many PCCI classes since the fall of 2016, mentor coaching, a new job, 31 Days of Prayer… It has been a year of “coming out”, transformation. God has used many tools and people to sprint me forward and land my heart, hands and feet on beautiful ground. 31 Days has been a super reinforcement tool that undergirds and weaves through every aspect. The Golden Thread if you will.

Fruitful to Listen, Learn and Converse with God
The prayer challenge has been extremely fruitful for me to listen, learn and converse with God About His business that He has gifted me with. Using the scriptures as a practical application to build our business has blessed me tremendously in gaining clarity and confidence. I am no longer anxious about timing as I know and trust that it is unfolding in His time this ALL IS WELL!

Divine Jump Start
Up to about 6 weeks ago my transition from the crazy-busy life of a hospital chief medical officer to coach was disorganized and frankly frustrating despite the support of many. I knew my life needed a jump start! And then God…. Your 31 day prayer journey was part of a Divine setup to align me with God’s daily journey with Him.

Faith to Believe
I have been in business for over 10 years “on the side” and have not thrown my whole self into it due to fear. The challenge really made me search my own heart. It has also prompted me to have more faith to believe that God He has equipped me with what I need to be successfully.

Opened Doors
Doors have been opened for my business in ways that I never even imagined.

Freed from Fears
Before embarking upon the journey I was consumed with busyness, stuck in a pool of self-limiting thoughts, and unknowingly paralyzed by fear. Now, I feel free and ready to move forward. Our Lord has refocused, refreshed, renewed, reassured, and recharged my spirit, mind, and soul.

Many Prayers Answered
I have had many prayers answered. Professionally, my confidence has grown by leaps and bounds.

Joy Restored
I think the most incredible thing for me when taking part in this journey is seeing how God used each day’s message to bring joy back into my life. My circumstances haven’t changed, but I was awestruck last night when I heard myself answer the question, “How are you?” with “I’m well.”

Faith Building
This is been a wonderful faith building challenge. I have seen God subdue fear, worry, and panic and replace it with faith, vision, and boldness to step out valiantly. God is truly faithful to take our businesses to places it would never go without him.

Prayer Works
“Father God, I thank you for all you have provided me through this group – a new, renewed and deeper love for You, a renewed love for my husband and a newfound confidence in myself and a newfound confidence that You brought us into Your business for us to stay together with Your blessing! I think I finally understand how and why prayer “works.” Father God you are awesome! Thank you!”

Bringing Back Family Worship
I shared the challenge with my husband and he was excited to take part in it too… This challenge brought us closer and enabled us to stay connected and close during the financial challenging time we are living right now… We are very happy that the challenge brought back the family worship, our 2-year-old son is looking forward our praying time the morning now!

Only One Way to Success
What I’ve realized about being an entrepreneur is that it is so easy to make being successful my focus. The days I run out eager to conquer the world and prove my competence are usually the days that I am too busy to stop and pray. This Challenge helped me realize that ONLY through prayer and ONLY through Jesus can I be successful.

So Much Fruit
I know that God is not a cause-and-effect type of God – His blessings are not dependent on our actions. But I also know how my heart is changing and I am seeking to pray differently for my business and seek God more. In the two months after I started using your prayer cards, I took on 8 new clients, had an article published in a Christian magazine which was also picked up by another magazine who want to republish it, and saw God sort out a whole load of other tricky situations over which I would normally have ‘hurried’ or ‘worried’. That’s quite a lot of fruit!!

Growing Peace
I have experienced a growing peace & assurance during this prayer challenge. I have greater confidence that what I do to market my business will not be in vain but through the Lords blessing will yield good fruit.

God as CEO
I changed my title to “Managing Director” to tangibly acknowledge God as the CEO of HOPE Unlimited.

Greater Confidence
I now have a new level of confidence in who I am as an entrepreneur and what I am called to do for His kingdom as a coach.

Focus on God’s Will and Promises

I don’t want this prayer challenge to end. Though I’ve only shared a few times in the group, I’ve taken great comfort and insight from exploring the same scripture on the same day, individually, but in union with others. The daily scripture illuminated personal concerns as well as business challenges and desires all woven together. The blessings of a new client, return of past clients, and inquiries I hope will become clients is secondary to the grounding and focus on God’s will and promises active in my life and the faith-building encouragement of others experiencing the same.

Clarity & Courage
During these 31 days God has given me clarity and courage to move forward in a niche that I have considered for quite sometime. I was feeling that it might be too late to move in that direction. I am so thankful that God is in control. Since following His desire for my business, I’m gaining so much knowledge and self awareness. With Him and following the journey of this prayer challenge and Facebook group, I gained the courage to step up and believe in His power. New doors of opportunity have opened for business.

I Can Make a Difference
More and more, God has established my heart in the truth that through Him, I can make a difference in other people’s lives.

Learning to Risk
My life and business haven’t been the same, I have learned to take risks, to put God first in everything and wait on God even when things seem to take long.

Profoundly Relevant
So many days, I would read your email and find it profoundly relevant to what God was trying to teach me that day or week… The conclusion has been profound. Realizing that I stand on peace. I walk in love. I actually am not enough, but God is more than enough for me and for every situation I encounter in life.

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And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of him. 

I John 5:14-15